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Note on Dues: Please note, our Annual Dues come due in January, and cover the calendar year from January through December. Dues should be paid to the Financial Secretary. Upon receipt of payment, a current paid up dues card will be issued, which is needed for entrance to meetings and to attend functions at the hall. Questions, please contact the Financial Secretary.


Of Interest to Mens Division Members

Division meetings are normally held the 1st and 3d Fridays of every month. 

NOTE: The next meeting will be Friday, May 17th

Current Elected Officers:

John Humphrey, President

Steve Mackey, Vice-President

Keith Maguire, Recording Secretary

Joe Osborne, Financial Secretary

Patrick Cremmins, Treasurer

Jim Scott, Marshal

Brendan Savage, Sentinel

Standing Committee:

  Dave Connelly, Chairman

  Dan Davis - Member

  Dan Ryan - Member

  Kevin Flahive - Member

  Barry Pardee - Member

Corporate Board

Meets on the third Wednesday of the month

Elected Officers:

John Ericson, President

Dan Ryan, Vice-President

Peg Burch, Treasurer

Leah Darcy, Secretary

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